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VOLUME 3 - 1990-99

by Ian Keith Moss

In his final round-up of singles by decade, following The Original Soundtrack, which covered the seismic 1970s and A Part of No Tribe, which took in the reactionary 1980s, Ian Moss looks at an era of splintering genres and confusing alliances in the 1990s.

Indie music went corporate, while rap and dance music moved off street corners and out of bedrooms to dominate the charts. Eighties stars such as Madonna, U2 and Michael Jackson were quick to adjust while record companies desperate to cash-in on a wave of indie bands attempted to reproduce the 1960s with a chart battle between Blur and Oasis (only one of whom are reviewed here).

Rap, house, garage, shoegaze, Britpop, big beat, grunge, drum 'n' bass - Ian gives his final opinion on all of the quality music from a decade that often valued style over substance.


Ian Moss�s first book '100 Unhip Albums (We Must Learn to Love)' was a hit with music lovers from all over the world during the enforced Covid-19 lockdown. His polemic style asserts rather than persuades and forces you to listen to the music and make up your own mind. The Original Soundtrack is volume 1 of his life story told in the same forthright, open and honest manner.

As the vocalist and lyricist of bands such as Stepbrothers, Sicknurse, Kill Pretty, and currently, Four Candles, Ian has realised his own musical vision. But he has also created opportunities and spaces for other bands and artists as the founder and co-owner of the German Shepherd Record label. His writing reflects someone who loves music and wants to share it. It also reflects the personality of someone who has spent his life championing music that most people don't get to hear. In a world where access to music is easier than it has ever been, and where vast choices are available, Moss is uniquely positioned to direct you to overlooked gems.


"What a wonderful book this is, the antidote to those endless lists of best-60s/70s/80s/all-time-rock/country/guitar-Beatles/Stones/Queen/Floyd etc. albums you must hear before you go deaf!"

"We all like to believe we are broad minded and willing to give everything a chance, but any music fan has to face up to the fact that they incorporate prejudices and received wisdom into their judgments. This is a series of short chapters on records that are generally considered unhip but are recommended for reevaluation. You won’t agree with it all, but then I guess that is the point... I wish I had thought of writing this."

"More than 100 little reviews from a genuine music lover that covers quite a range from Style Council to David Essex and beyond. Does what a music book should do which is make you want to seek out the actual records."

"Not confined by genre, Ian includes soul, jazz and folk. Look forward to discovering more of these overlooked gems in this magnificent little book. Can we have a sequel please?"

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